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Risk Profiling

By using the GM Trend Risk Profiling system, you obtain an accurate assessment of your risk tolerance in terms that are meaningful to you and your advisers. Your Risk Profile report will guide you and your advisers in your financial decision making. In particular, the report provides the basis for your instructions to your advisers on the level of risk you would prefer.
In the questionnaire, you are asked about your attitudes, values and experiences. Your answers are scored against the system’s database and used to produce a detailed report. The questionnaire takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Why 23 Questions?

A person’s answer to a specific question may be influenced by a particular experience they have had, or their mood at the time. Or they may have misinterpreted the question. Or they may simply have made a mistake.

Statistical studies are used to determine the number of questions needed to provide a scientifically acceptable level of accuracy in an assessment. The accuracy of a questionnaire is a function, in part, of the square of the number of questions. Because of the nature of risk tolerance more than just a few questions are needed. Statistical studies of this questionnaire show that its accuracy exceeds internationally accepted standards.

What if the situation described in a question has never happened to me, or will never happen to me? There are a number of questions that ask you to assume or imagine you are in a certain situation. These questions are designed to gain a picture of what you would do in such circumstances, regardless of whether you have ever been in them or are ever likely to be in them. Please answer as best you can on the available information.