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We recognise our actions have an impact on the environment.

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Investing In Our Future Generations

Beneficial Partnerships

At GMT we have always held the belief that the people around us should benefit from our distinct perspectives, just as much as we do from theirs. This principle of mutually beneficial partnership between business and society is reflected in our successful track-record and responsible business, and making a meaningful difference for the world we live in.

Investing In Our Future Generations

At GMT our ambition through our Community Investment programme is to help raise and realise the aspira-tions of young people from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Offering a combination of skills-based employee volunteering and strategic financial contributions, GMT pursues long-term partnerships with charities, educational establishments and social enterprises which share our goals.

GMT Community Investment programme focusses on helping young people from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds to develop the skills that will help them to succeed at school and in the workplace, and on instilling in them the confidence to be ambitious.

Sharing Our Knowledge

At the heart of GMT Community Investment programme is a range of mentoring and tutoring volunteering initiatives through which GMT employees help young people from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds to acquire the knowledge and skills that will help them to
succeed at school, university and beyond.

Financial Support

We offer financial support in various ways to help young people to pursue their higher education ambitions.

In Europe a university partnership provides scholarships and mentoring to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. In addition the students are granted a privileged application track to GMT internships. GMT Foundation offers postgraduate scholarships to disadvantaged South Americans studying a financial discipline at University, and further supports the students through internships at GM Trend.

In Malaysia, the GMT Bursary offers young people bursaries to help with living costs when they take up a place at a selective university. We also offer charitable giving grants for projects that share our aims.